Do it for the memories.

20. Donjerous. Cambridge.

I live for days at the pub, so mundane.
I have a phobia of sweet & sour sauce & I hate the smell of rain.
This has ruined my life. #jasonsegal #howimetyourmother #himym #marshall #waitforit (Taken with Instagram)

This has ruined my life. #jasonsegal #howimetyourmother #himym #marshall #waitforit (Taken with Instagram)

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    Especially with the weird Ted/Robin/Barney dynamic.
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    This can’t happen! It’s just not allowed. If we lose Marshall, then we have to lose Lilly too. (You can’t break up that...
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    nope. no. you can’t fucking do the show without him. don’t even try. 8 seasons is a good place to end pls
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